Produced by: Dariush Rad
Engineered by: Mike Poole

Recorded at: Sound Emporium, Nashville, TN
Songwriters: David Butler, Dariush Rad, Bill Aydam, Craig Hughes

01) Back To Him – 4:41 The unwavering redemptive power of love.
02) He Will Provide – 5:53 Abrahams historic struggle for faith in God’s perfect provision.
03) The War – 5:23 Our daily struggle between right and wrong (Romans 7).
04) Dead Man Walking – 5:29 Our need for personal forgiveness vs. the requirement of justice.
05) Be The One – 4:30 A love song expressing the desire for intimate relationship.
06) Lift Your Eyes – 4:46 A call to genuine, active worship.
07) It Ain’t Me – 4:43 The mystery of grace in our lives.
08) First Stone – 4:24 Christ’s compassionate example of individual forgiveness.
09 ) All Things – 5:43 The sovereignty of God (Roman 8:28).
10) Nursery Rhyme – 2:45 The good news of God told through common nursery rhymes.

Acoustic Guitar & Lead Vocals: David Butler
Electric & Acoustic Bass: Bob Babbitt
Drums & Percussion: Craig Krampf
Piano, B3, Keys, Background Vocals: Johnny Neel
Electric Guitar & Slide Guitar: Dan Dugmore
Nylon & Acoustic Guitar: Mathew Benjamin
Acoustic Guitar & Background Vocals: Dariush Rad

Artwork, Layout and Design by: Dariush Rad
Portrait Photography by: Ed Rode
Additional Photography by: Dean Kline
Production Assistant: Bonner Butler
Recording Assistant: Rob Lane
Hi Definition Disc Enhancement: Brad Judah
Special Thanks to: Patrick Kennedy



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